New Lock Installation



Sometimes your current hardware is just not adequate.

Perhaps you need a new deadbolt installed on a door to increase security, or a panic bar installed at your business in case of a fire, or you just want to upgrade the appearance of your door hardware. And do not forget those sliding glass doors and windows. Whatever the situation, we have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right lock for you.

Residential New Lock Installation:

Unfortunately, most local contractors install an inexpensive lock when building your home. In many cases the only thing protecting your home and family is a lock that cost less than $5. On top of that, we find many locks also installed improperly leaving thieves with easy methods to enter your home without you even knowing about it. Before going to your local hardware store to pick out a new lock, all us and let us guide you through the process (you may also want to read our article “What to Know Before Buying a Residential Lock”).

Sliding Doors and Windows:

I love a good looking front door with a nice lock on it. While friends and family may appreciate the look of your front door, thieves tend attack windows, sliding glass doors, or other entry doors to the home. When considering your home’s security don’t overlook that rarely used window or slider. The good news is that most locks for these openings are both inexpensive and very effective. Check out our review of the CAL Double Bolt lock. It is one of the best locks we have found for securing a sliding door.

sliding glass door security and new lock installation

Commercial Security:

When that back door lock starts acting funny it can be tempting to head to the local hardware store for a new lock. However, most hardware store only carry residential grade locks (don’t let the packaging fool you) that cannot stand up to the rigors of commercial use. There might also be fire ratings and ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliance issues you need to consider. Thankfully, purchasing a commercial grade lock does not need to cost a fortune and purchasing the right lock will ensure the door operates well for years to come.



Other Security and Locksmith Services:

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