Electronic Access Control


The picture that comes into most people’s minds when thinking about electronic access control systems is someone offering a badge/fob/code up to a reader to unlock a door or release a barrier so that they can get into or out of a building. And, of course, this is the primary function for most installations; however, the capabilities of modern access control systems extend far beyond simply controlling who can get into a building and when. A well designed system can be used as an effective tool to enhance business efficiency, security, cost control, and even help save the environment.

BENEFITS of Electronic Access Control:

electronic access control services

Enhance Building Security:

The primary goal of any access control system is to increase security. Electronic systems can control vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Limit access to pools, fitness centers and common areas, or simply track who is entering the building and when.

Quickly Change Access Privileges:

Unlike mechanical lock systems, with electronic access control you can quickly and easily change who has access to the property. Whether it is changing an employees status or locking a delinquent homeowner out of the pool, electronic access control has huge advantages over traditional mechanical locks. This can also help reduce costs by not having to reissue keys or pay a locksmith to rekey the locks.

High Tech Security using Cameras:

Many electronic access systems can integrate with modern cameras to not only show a report of who entered the building, but also give you a short video of the person entering. This can help identify an intruder or help an on site guard to verify that the person who entered the property is who they say they are.

Designing an effective and versatile system can be complex there are hundred of options and technology is constantly changing. Give us a call or send us a message and we can help guide you to a system that will meet your needs both now and in the future.




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