Condominium Specialists


Key Security Services have become condominium specialists for security and locksmith needs with decades of experience that helps us understand the unique needs of community associations in Southwest Florida. Whether it is working for the homeowner or board of directors, you can be assured we know the ins and outs of working within a community association. Our collection of services is specifically geared to cover all aspects of community association security.

Fast Service:

We know that manager’s need problems solved and solved quickly. When water is pouring out under a homeowners door, minutes matter and you can be assured we will have a technician heading to you immediately, day or night, any day of the year.

Master Key Systems:

We design and set-up master key systems for condominiums all the time and can even work within an existing master key system if needed. We can also help set-up a system for tracking and logging keys.

Common Areas:

Whether you need help repairing a panic exit device or securing your pool, we have skilled technicians who can get your locks working quickly.

Vehicle Access:

We repair and install Telephone Entry systems and gates and guarantee prompt service. We can also help work your telephone entry system into your electronic access control system to make everything work seamlessly together.

Electronic Access Control:

Thinking about adding proximity fobs to your community or have an existing system that isn’t working well? We work with all the major access control manufacturers to keep your system working properly.

Security Cameras:

Every community can benefit from security cameras. Whether you are capturing license plates of vehicles as they enter the community or making sure no one vandalizes the pool, a well designed camera system can help keep the property safe and protect the community from liability.

With our full spectrum of services we are ready to meet your security needs.

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