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Key C. Powell is the owner of Key Security Services, an award winning business man and father of 4 children. Having lived in the Naples area his whole life, he is proud to offer his professional services to families and businesses alike in Collier and Lee counties of south Florida.

It may sound strange, but I am an experienced church goer. From my childhood roots in the Catholic Church as an alter server to playing guitar at Gator Christian Life in college, and now attending Covenant Church, I have spent a lot of time in church. Churches have changed a lot over the years. They are no longer […]

Years ago when my son was three and my daughter was one, I had one of my biggest scares. My wife was working and I was watching the kids for the morning. We had breakfast and I told the kids to get dressed while I took a shower. Five minutes into my shower I noticed the house […]

This past month a local storage facility had 40 units robbed in one night. The location was gated and they had security cameras (that did not work), but the thought that came to my mind was the padlocks. I mean, those thieves had to get past 40 padlocks, do it quickly, and do it quietly. […]

When many of my clients hear “electronic access control,” they envision top secret government installations with retina scanners and voice activated x-ray doors. In reality, electronic access control is a simple method for controlling who has access to a certain area and when. Even though the initial cost of these electronic devices can sometimes be […]

With the advent of the deadbolt in the 1960’s, residential burglaries began to decline and have reached a plateau in the past few years. Today, 25 percent of homes in the United States have an alarm system, not to mention reinforced glass, superior lock technology and a veritable army of private security guards watching gated […]

I was watching some YouTube videos of old David Letterman Top 10 lists this week and came across “Top 10 Favorite Names.” My favorite? Just A. Duck and Ted E. Bear. I laughed so hard that it got me itching to do my own top ten list. Most small business owners are forced to learn […]

Locksmiths that Shaped History When people think of the famous and infamous, rarely do they think of locksmiths. However, some of history’s greatest minds picked locks to keep their minds sharp and the powerful used locks to keep their secrets and valuables secure. Locks have kept pharoahs safe and topled monarchies. We count on locks […]